Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill DUB REMIX – “99 Fugee La Problems”

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This is a DUB Remix i made by composing my own music and beat using Reason 6 and ProTools. I then layered sampled vocals tracks on top of the beat. I used vocal tracks from Jay-Z from his song "99 Problems" and also sampled Lauryn Hill's vocals from The Fugees song "Fu-gee-la" No Copyright infringement [...]

Notorious B.I.G. and David Bowie MASHUP “Crack Commandments of Fame”

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I used the hook from "Fame" (Bowie/Clapton) and mash-up'd Notorious B.I.G's acapella from "10 Crack Commandments". I only added a new kick and snare to the original "Fame" to beef it up a lil. Enjoy, download, remix, replay, say you did it, dont's all for fun... FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD

Sippin on a 40 – (Eazy-E Dub Remix)

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This is a re-mix DUB version of the song "Sippin on a 40" by Eazy -E off the album Str8 Off tha Streetz of Muthaphu**in Compton (1995). I sampled the original song and layered my own beat and music on top of it. I also sampled the drum intro from Sublime's song "40 oz to [...]